Ultimate Guide To How to 3 Star Any Town hall 11 Base

As of late, there has been a considerable measure of jabber over the gatherings and different outlets about the fact that it is so hard to get a 3 star at Town Hall 11. As far back as diggers were nerfed into the ground, there have been far less three stars than what we had turned out to be usual to. In any case, we require not sadness or surrender or thrash our arms in disappointment since 3 stars at Town Hall 11 are as yet conceivable and it doesn't take an oddity mischance to get one. 


The most effective method to 3 Star Any Town Hall 11! 

In the underneath video there are two war assaults indicated utilizing two distinctive bowler mixes. Don't imagine it any other way – if there is one unit with which you will get 3 stars, it is the bowler. You may contend that this sounds exhausting and that you would prefer not to mass spam bowlers on each and every assault. Yet, it doesn't need to be that way. You can utilize bowlers with a few unique sorts of troop to ge…

50+ Latest TH10 Undefeated Bases Designs & Layouts 2017

BEST TH10 Base Layouts, TH10 War Base Designs, TH10 Hybrid Bases and TH10 Trophy Bases

Clash of clans is a strategic war based game that has gained immense popularity among gamers. But there is reason for that. It’s user-friendly control and great concept makes it what it is. Initially, the game looks bit easy and simple but as you move on into it, the difficulty level increase and the factors, that you need to focus on, increases too. You will need stealth strategies and management skills to become the most powerful for TH10 Base. And for this you will need an excellent and carefully planned base layout for your village. Upgrading to TownHall 10  unlocks many new features for you. This means you need to use them wisely and cunningly. The placement of each object effects the overall layout of the village which in turn effects the strength of your village. So, we have brought you the best base layouts and Designs for TH10, TH10 War Base, TH10 Farming base, TH10 Hybrid Bases, TH10 Trophy…